Mac News and Rumors for May 8th


This week, we’ve started to see rumors for Apple swirling around the iPhone and Snow Leopard, which is natural since a sold-out company conference is right around the corner in June.  Let’s take a look at this week’s hot stove rumor report.

OS X 10.5.7 Release Coming

MacLife is reporting that the next update to Leopard could be released as soon as today, which is reportedly slated to fix a bunch of networking, Bluetooth, and syncing issues with the operating system.  The interesting part of the rumor is that this will be the final update to Leopard. The launch of OS X 10.6, named Snow Leopard, is expected to be released later this year.

iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 and iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release Editions Sent to Developers

On May 6th, Apple sent out the fifth beta edition of iPhone OS 3.0 as well as an updated edition of the iTunes 8.2 pre-release build to developers.  Unfortunately, no new features have been revealed in these beta builds.  Apple released them six days early, but with its Worldwide Developers Conference in California coming in a month, it seems that it wants to wow its audience with the latest build of iPhone OS.

Psystar Working on an Illegal Mac Netbook?

A small-town system builder named Psystar is in hot legal trouble with Apple after it decided to build a “white box” system that came pre-installed with Windows Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X.  This is in violation (according to Apple) of the company’s licensing policies for the operating system.  To truly outdo themselves, Psystar has continued to sell its Mac OS X compatible machines and also introduced models that include rack mount servers.  On top of all this, Psystar said it plans to introduce a Mac OS X netbook in the future.  May the legal battles begin!

Possible Drop for iPhone Monthly Plan Rates on AT&T

Tech website is reporting that there is a possible reduction of the monthly iPhone basic plan from $69 to $59 coming at the Worldwide Developers Conference.  This announcement will allegedly come alongside the launch of the new iPhone on June 8th.  According to the site, what prompted this potential reduction in the basic plan is lower-than-expected iPhone sales at Wal-Mart stores.

Apple to Buy Twitter Before Google?

Rumors have been flying all over the Net that Google is poised to buy Twitter, which was created by the same guys that built (and sold to Google) the popular website.  However, rumors are starting to surface that Apple may have some interest in buying Twitter in a cash transaction.  There have been no substantial rumors or even statements from either party regarding the possible acquisition.


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