Mac News and Rumors for November 18th


This week, we have a ton of news and rumors for Apple poker players.  We have finally heard word about a follow-up to Snow Leopard and have some new rumors about a potential Apple Table computer.  Finally, we have a couple of attractive poker promotions from Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

Android Phones Here, Google-Branded Phones Coming?

Everyone has been seeing the intelligent and eye-catching television advertisements for Android, the cell phone operating system by tech giant Google.  The industry is hoping, outside of AT&T and Apple of course, that Android is the answer to the iPhone OS.  Google’s OS can be run on just about any mobile phone not named Blackberry and iPhone with the potential to be adopted by all of the major manufacturers and carriers.  It’s now reported that we won’t just be seeing Android on Motorola and other manufacturer phones, but on an actual Google-branded device.

Is Snow Leopard Already Obsolete?

Did you just shell out $29 to upgrade to Snow Leopard?  Good for you!  You’re enjoying a true 64-bit operating system environment and many new upgrades and features that came with it.  We hope you don’t get too attached to it, as rumors have been popping up all over the internet that Apple has begun development of Mac OS X 10.7, the follow-up to Snow Leopard.  However, don’t go burning down the Apple Store in your local mall just yet.  The fact that Apple is working on Mac OS X 10.7 now isn’t shocking given the long development time required to refine an operating system.  Speculation is that 10.7 will build off of the big back-end changes in 10.6 with front-end upgrades.

CNN Coverage of the Potential Apple Tablet

It’s been two full weeks since we’ve seen our latest Apple Tablet rumor, but sure enough, is here to give us our latest dose.  The site reported on the much-rumored tablet computer and discussed its potential hardware specs.  The report mentions that the price point will be in the $600 to $1,000 ballpark and that it may have 3G connectivity and a webcam.  Not exactly a great revelation from CNNMoney, but nonetheless the rumors continue to swirl.

Full Tilt Poker’s Free $100 Bonus

How would you like someone to hand you a free $100 this holiday season?  Sound too good to be true?  It isn’t thanks to Full Tilt Poker’s Holiday Hundred promotion.  Most players (see the site for details) are being offered a $100 bonus and have until December 6th to accept.  Once they do, they will have a month to unlock the bonus, which can be found in the “Requests” and “Check my Bonus Offer” section of the Full Tilt lobby.  Once a player accepts a Holiday Hundred bonus offer, they’ll earn $0.06 of bonus for every Full Tilt Point earned.  The bonus money will be paid out in increments of $10.

PokerStars Announces $500,000 Depositor Freerolls

The world’s largest poker site with a Mac-compatible downloadable software client, PokerStars, announced that Depositor Freerolls are back with a combined prize pool of $500,000.  Any player that makes a deposit and enters in the special code (“500K” if you are an existing real money player, “FIRST500K” if you are not) will receive a ticket to all of the freerolls.  There are eight per day for 15 days, each with a prize pool of $2,500.  Cash in any of the freerolls and you’ll qualify for one of the eight $25,000 finals on December 13.  Players can find the freerolls by selecting “Tourney” and then “Freeroll” in the lobby.


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