Mac News and Rumors for October 21st


In today’s installment of Mac News and Rumors, have some rumblings about the white colored iPhone 4 and more news about Verizon and AT&T stores both carrying iPads.

iPhone 4 Delays Over Colors?

There have been rumors of white iPhone 4 models popping up in New York City for about a week now even though there has been no announcement from Apple. The problem for Apple, since we haven’t seen the promised white models yet, apparently centers on parts not being up to Apple’s high standards. Regardless of the reason for the delay, there has been absolutely no word from Apple about these models since the July statement that they were coming later in 2010.

No iPads at Costco means No iPods

Looks like Steve Jobs has managed to anger yet another large money-making group for Apple in the folks from Costco Wholesale. Apparently, Costco will no longer carry Apple’s iPods after the store lost out on the recent round of iPad availabilities that went to rival Sam’s Club. Right now, the iPod Touch is in stock, but stores are selling through them and then discontinuing the line.

iPads at AT&T Stores

While you won’t get one at Costco, you can get a new iPad at your local AT&T store on October 28th. That might be awesome, except for the fact that you can get an iPad now at Target, Wal-Mart, or Sam’s Club. All three of the iPad WiFi+3G models will be at the AT&T stores this Thursday and AT&T will offer customers 3G pre-paid data plans for the device. You’ll be able to complete the on-device activation at the store as well.

iPads at Verizon Stores

Not only are AT&T stores carrying iPad modes, but Verizon stores are as well. Verizon announced that the iPad is also going to show up at its stores on October 28th, featuring a WiFi model and a Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. You’ll be able to get access plans up to 1 GB of data for $20 per month.

United States Poker Championship at PokerStars

Tournament players should be really excited to see the 2010 United States Poker Championship (USPC) start to ramp up in Atlantic City.  Players can participate in a promotion at PokerStars to win their way into the $5,250 Main Event in November. The USPC takes place at the Trump Taj Mahal from November 1st to 22nd with a four-day Main Event starting on the 19th. The Main Event will air on national television, although PokerStars has yet to announce the details of the coverage. Before the Main Event, there are a ton of preliminary events ranging from $400 to $800 buy-ins.
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Perfect Play at

If you are trying to build your bankroll, has a very interesting promotion going on called “Perfect Play,” which rewards players at low-stakes games. Right now, you can compete in $10+$1 promo for your share of an $80,000 leaderboard prize pool. If that’s even out of your range, you can participate in $3+0.30 tournaments for a $26,000 leaderboard. You can also earn double points just for playing in cash games and win an entry into a $5,000 freeroll.


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