Mac News and Rumors for September 13th


In today’s news and rumors, we have plenty going on in the world of Apple after the fallout from the new iPod lines.  On top of that, there is plenty going on at the world’s largest online poker sites.

Apple Releases New Commercials

As a follow up to their “iPad is…” commercials, the latest one is that iPad is musical.  The ad features the iPad in a variety of scenes all to the tune of music and videos.  It’s all peachy keen for potential iPad buyers, right up until the moment that Apple announces that these iPads are obsolete and new ones will be coming, perhaps by Christmas.

iPod Nano Deconstructed at iFixit

The sadistic folks over at iFixit decided to buy a shiny new sixth generation iPad Nano and completely destroy it to learn more about it.  The new Nano has a 1.54” 240×250 pixel display with a density of 220 pixels per inch.  It’s not quite as high as the retina display on the new iPod Touch and iPhone 4 models, but it’s pretty slick nonetheless.  The report also claims that the multi-touch screen only has two points of contact.

New Version of Parallels Coming

Parallels 6 will bring speed enhancements and a few new features.  It’s being released on September 14th and in benchmarking results (according to the team that makes the software), the 3D graphics run nearly 40% better than before.  The boot time for Windows is 41% faster and the software also boosts speeds when working with USB drives or networks.  The full version will cost $79.99, with a student edition running $39.99.  Existing Parallels users can upgrade for $49.99.

FaceTime Coming… For Windows?

This comes right out of the OMG department.  A French site is reporting that iLife 11 is coming very soon.  In addition, Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature currently on the iPhone 4 and new iPod Touch Models will be released for Mac OS X and Windows platforms.  This will boost the application’s appeal and be released inside iChat.

Better Get Your Free Case Now

The iPhone 4 Case Program will be ending on September 30th, meaning that if you do not put in your order now, you won’t get one for free.  Apple is also ending the free 30-day return policy for all iPhone 4s that are sold.

MiniFTOPS Rolling Along

If you missed the memo, the popular Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS), which has $6 million in guarantees, is running strong at Full Tilt Poker.  This slate of tournaments is the same as the regular FTOPS, but have one-tenth the buy-in.  For mere pennies or even free Full Tilt Points, you can satellite your way into one of these tournaments and turn it into a very nice score.

Oh Yeah … WCOOP!

The biggest tournament series in online poker is back at PokerStars with the start of the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).  All of the top pros under the PokerStars umbrella are out to hit it big, but they’ll have to navigate through other online pros and amateurs looking to score.  This is another great tournament promotion to check out if you haven’t already.


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