Mac Poker Players Flocking to PokerTracker 3


With more and more online poker players switching to Apple computers, it was only a matter of time before online poker software giant PokerTracker 3 made its program compatible with Mac OS X. At the end of 2009, PokerTracker released an updated version that runs natively on Macs and Apple users couldn’t be happier.

The OS X friendly PokerTracker is essentially the same program as its Windows counterpart, so former Windows users who have made the transition to Apple should be familiar with PokerTracker. For owners who are new to both, PokerTracker 3 now comes with a Setup Wizard that makes installing the program incredibly easy. Instead of worrying about the configuration process, Setup Wizard takes care of everything so you can delve right into the world of PokerTracker 3 as quickly as possible. One noteworthy change that Mac users should be aware of, however, is that PokerTracker is capable of importing all hand histories, but it will only auto-import from PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and the OnGame Network. Look for fully supported auto-import capabilities for all sites in future software upgrades.

With the launch of the Mac version of PokerTracker comes a new update for both clients. In its latest software release, once you have your PokerTracker 3 set up, you’ll never have to format it again, as the program now offers a “Backup and Restore” feature. In addition to backing up your database of hand histories, you’ll also be able to save all of your settings, including reports, stats, layouts, player notes, and buddy lists. These new capabilities will prove especially useful for players who need to transplant their PokerTracker information to another computer, a necessity that’s becoming more prevalent as people flock from Windows to Mac.

These days, players are not only changing the computer they use, but also the game they play. No Limit Hold’em remains the most popular form of poker, but Pot Limit Omaha is certainly making a push to become the game of the future. As such, PokerTracker recently released a beta version that supports Omaha. Currently, only Omaha hands from PokerStars, PartyPoker, Full Tilt Poker, and the iPoker Network will work with the software, which is still in its infancy. Seeing as how it’s completely free to try until officially released, there haven’t been too many complaints.

Derek Charles, the lead developer for PokerTracker, had this to say about PT3-Omaha in a recent interview with “Along with PokerTracker 3 for Mac, we simultaneously released PT3-Omaha around the end of 2009 in free public beta testing.  As with the Mac development and release, PT3-Omaha has also been very smooth. We still have a lot to do before the commercial product is ready, but we are well on our way. Additional features and site support should be added rapidly during the beginning of 2010.”

In the same interview, Charles also discussed the release of PokerTracker for Mac and its future: “PokerTracker 3 for Mac has been very successful thus far. As with any initial release, there are going to be some issues. With the hard work of our alpha testers, we have been able to keep the issues to a minimum. So far, the public release has gone very smoothly and has been a resounding success. Being able to play online poker solely on a Mac is long overdue and we are glad to be able to contribute to that progression by allowing users to run PokerTracker 3 natively on Mac OS X.”

Overall, the introduction of PokerTracker 3 for Mac has been a smooth transition and it can only improve going forward. As always, PokerTracker’s team of developers is committed to giving users the best product they can possibly offer and are quick to fix bugs and hiccups. Formerly a difficult endeavor due to lack of support, online poker for Mac users is getting easier by the day, especially with industry pioneers like PokerTracker 3 leading the way.


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