Mikogo Beta Goes Public


Recently, the developers of the popular screen sharing tool Mikogo announced that their software has entered a free public beta phase. With this new release, Mikogo provides an easy-to-use, secure, free online meeting tool that is now available on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX computers. The software works cross-platform, allowing Mac users to connect to Windows PCs and vice versa. A meeting host can share their screen with up to 10 participants and conduct presentations in true color quality over the web at any time day or night.

Mikogo is useful to share a screen in order to conduct “sweat sessions“, allowing a coach or fellow player to watch you play and give tips. Other uses for Mikogo include online meetings, product demonstrations, web presentations, online learning, and remote troubleshooting.

The public beta for Mac is brimming with new features. Screen sharing with up to 10 participants and the ability to switch presenters is now built into the beta program. You can also have a “Participant Pointer”, which allows a viewer to display a colored mouse cursor on the presenter’s screen to aid in discussion. A 256-bit AES encryption has been built into Mikogo so that transferred information is secure from end to end.

Mac users who want to check out this free public beta software can go to the official Mikogo Mac Version webpage and download the software. On the page, you will find directions for installation, a video tutorial on how to use the program, and other tidbits of information to make your Mikogo Mac experience a pleasant one.


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