Mikogo Mac Version to be Released


Developers of the popular application Mikogo posted on their general development blog this week that a Mac version of the product is in development and currently looking for beta testers. Mikogo is an extremely popular screen sharing tool that allows one or more users to tap into a feed from a host client and watch their desktop in action in real time. The application, by default, does not allow a remote user to “take control” of the host computer like GoToMyPC nor does it support voice. However, the newest edition of the program allows a user to configure remote control. In addition, a popular add-on to Skype is available to allow for voice conferencing to be used in conjunction with the screen sharing utility.

This new cross-platform Mikogo software client will allow Mac users to present and participate in Mikogo meetings whether it is with a Mac or PC host. Similarly, PC users can host or join meetings with Mac participants, making the software truly cross-platform compatible.

The beta version will not be open to the public and users who wish to help test the software should refer to the official Mikogo blog and e-mail their name, type of Mac, and the version of OSX they are running to the developer in charge of the project.

Many poker players on PCs use Mikogo to conduct “sweat sessions,” which is the act of allowing a player to observe or follow the progress of a poker game. This is done typically in the context of a student-teacher relationship for instructional purposes.

Currently, Mikogo is freeware and available for download from its website, Mikogo.com, or as a Skype Extra for integration with the popular voice conference program.



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