MiniFTOPS XV Main Event Set for Sunday


The Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series (MiniFTOPS) on the Mac-compliant poker room Full Tilt Poker is a chance for the “Everyday Joe” to buy in his way into a major poker tournament and win a small fortune.  The series mimics FTOPS XV in terms of games and structures, but has buy-ins that are one-tenth as pricey.  The event kicked off last Wednesday and rolled through the weekend with huge fields and amazing payouts.

Event #1, which had a $22 buy-in, played out on Wednesday with a field of 18,875 players.  The guarantee of $350,000 was surpassed and, with the field that entered, ballooned to $377,500.  Once the field was dwindled down to just three players, a deal was struck.  Eventual champion “edge_lover” received $49,912, while second place finisher “GOTTHEREFIRST” took home $32,811.  The third place finisher, “TheNuttyNinja” earned $35,290, which was more than what second place ended up getting.

Event #2 was a $24+$2 Pot Limit Omaha High-Low Knockout hosted by Roland de Wolfe.  The guarantee was $75,000 and 4,198 players turned out.  The top two hit five-figure paydays, with winner “TUTANKHAMEN” taking in $16,624 and second place finisher “TheHenk” getting $10,243.  Bounty payouts were not available in the final reports, so both players figured to make a bit more beyond those numbers.

Thursday’s MiniFTOPS action concluded with Event #3, a $50+$5 No Limit Hold’em 3X Shootout.  The field ended up being 729 players, so the guarantee was exceeded by $1,450.  There was no final table deal, as “potripper420” took the first place prize of $7,654, while “ThePimpOfPoker” claimed second place for $5,103.

Event #4 kicked off the weekend’s action with Roy Winston hosting the $20+$2 No Limit Hold’em Cubed tournament.  With over 8,000 players in the field, the prize pool swelled to $354,700 and “shuriken555” took in the big prize of $68,989.  Other five-figure winners include second place finisher “PRETTY WOMEN1” ($42,031), third place finisher “white_d1mon” ($29,507), fourth place finisher “Dmark17” ($20,927), fifth place finisher “alboraya10” ($14,897), and sixth place finisher “PJRounder” ($10,286).

Next up was Event #5, a $20+$2 Limit Hold’em Six-Max event.  There were 4,654 players who entered and “Poker18Munk” bested the large field.  Saturday kicked off with a $50+$5 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max tournament hosted by Stefan Rapp.  The prize pool was met, as 3,111 players made the total purse reach $155,550.  When action got down to three players, a deal was made, with first place winner “Pasi Paisti” getting $28,102. There was a near-chop for second and third place: $18,025 for “Depughs” and $17,074 for “kafka88.”

Event #7 on Saturday was a $10+$1 No Limit Hold’em Rebuy tournament that had a huge field of 13,586 players.  With all of the entries and rebuys during, the prize pool peaked at $410,390.  The top six players received five-figure payouts, but in the end it was “KOIFOERST” receiving a huge payday for first place at $79,820.  For second place, “kasino31” received a consolation payout of $48,631.  Third place finisher “pj5073” received $34,140 for his efforts.

The next event, a $12+$1 No Limit Hold’em Knockout, attracted the largest field of the MiniFTOPS XV series to date at a stunning 26,854 players.  The prize pool ended up being $268,540, which allowed the top four to receive five-figure payouts.  When action got heads-up, a deal was made.  Eventual winner “FollowMe2DaBank” will be doing just what his name implies after winning $34,369.  Second place finisher “boojiw” cashed in for an even $30,000.

Although the weekend’s MiniFTOPS action is over, there are still a ton of events to participate in.  The MiniFTOPS XV series concludes on Sunday, March 21st with a $50+$5 No Limit Hold’em Main Event and a guaranteed prize pool of $800,000.  Visit Full Tilt Poker for more details.


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