MiniFTOPS XV Wraps Up on Full Tilt Poker


The final weekend of MiniFTOPS XV on Full Tilt Poker was full of action, with massive fields and huge prize pools.  The value-priced events mimic the same structure of the regular FTOPS, but with buy-ins of one-tenth the price. However, there were a large number of players who were able to get into the tournaments thanks to the many satellites running throughout the duration of the series.

The final days of MiniFTOPS XV kicked off with Event #24, a No Limit Hold’em Super Turbo Six-Max tournament.  The action was extremely fast and furious in this $50+$3 event, with the top 18 players making four-figure payouts.  Exiting in fourth place was “barnzer1910,” who took in $10,318 for his efforts.  “RonThaDon416” finished in third place for $14,409, with “tcstunna” and “blony_tair” left to fight over the win.  A deal was made while these two were heads-up, with eventual winner “blony_tair” getting $25,634 and “tcstunna” getting a consolation prize of $24,159.

Event #25 was a $24+$2 No Limit Hold’em Knockout Six-Max that attracted 16,835 players for a $336,700 prize pool.  The story in this tournament was Full Tilt Poker pro Eddy Sharf making a run to the final table, guaranteeing himself a five-figure payout.  With five players remaining, Sharf was still in the mix and the players decided to work out a deal.  Shortly thereafter, Sharf exited play in fifth place for $20,796 much to the disappointment of many of the railbirds watching.  Eventual winner “Eeman2004” actually took home less ($25,469) than the fourth place finisher “rlphillips99” ($24,562).  The third place finisher, “leporc,” got $28,771 and runner-up “thebrett02” was the biggest money winner of the event by taking home $31,524.

The next event on tap was #26, the $20+$2 Pot Limit Omaha Heads-Up tournament that attracted 2,048 players.  The event didn’t have the mega-prize pool that the other weekend events had, with the pool eventually swelling to $40,960.  The top four players made four-figure payouts, with “eddymitchel” and “danslamm” earning $1,925 for their third and fourth place finishes.  A deal was made heads-up table between “Lincson,” who finished in second place for $5,001, and “Bindernutnut,” who won it all for $5,401.

Finally, after all 25 events were completed, it was time for the big one to start.  The MiniFTOPS XV Main Event, a $50+$5 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em tournament, was played with a staggering 19,309 players.  The prize pool guarantee before the event started was listed at $800,000, but thanks to the large number of participants, swelled to $965,450.  The top eight players all got five-figure payouts, starting with “nmop441,” who won $13,130 for finishing eighth.  Sixth place paid $24,136 to “DGTballer” and the seventh place finisher, “AUDI_ANGEL,” got $17,860.

With five players remaining, a deal was made that awarded over $100,000 to the chip leader, “DarkMemoria,” who got a stunning $102,536.  The eventual winner of the Main Event was “0 – 190681 – 0,” who won the fourth largest amount of the tournament at $65,052.  Second place finisher “berenger73” got $63,051, with “AlCapone1st” receiving the second highest payout for finishing third at $83,872.  Fifth place finisher “cmertz” collected $66,472 when he busted out.

Full Tilt Poker has wasted no time getting things ramped up for FTOPS XVI.  Details for the next FTOPS and MiniFTOPS are already up and featured on Full Tilt Poker’s website, with FTOPS XVI kicking off on April 23rd and concluding on May 2nd.  MiniFTOPS XVI will start on May 7th and wrap up on May 16th.  Between the two tournament series, Full Tilt Poker is guaranteeing $25 million.


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