Multi-Table Online Poker with PokerMouse Deskless


The PokerMouse is touted as the world’s first computer mouse that recognizes poker players’ needs.  The Poker Deskless Mouse P2 uses trackball technology and a special “trigger” that works as the left mouse button.  It works for both left and right-handed individuals out of the box and features a trigger button, trackball pointer, and a mouse wheel.  It works wirelessly with your computer, so there are no annoying cords to deal with.  The best part is that it works on Windows and Mac machines.

Here are the main features of the PokerMouse Deskless P2:

– Retails for AUD $99 (approximately $89 U.S. – click our link above for a $75 offer)
– Up to an eight-meter range
– Rechargeable via USB cable
– Charges only take 1.5 hours and last for more than 20 hours
– Trackball cursor movement
– No software required
– Works with left or right hand

The device is extremely lightweight and took little time to install.  The first thing you should do is charge up the unit; however, it comes with a small charge so that you can get rolling right away.  Once you’ve charged your PokerMouse Deskless, simply pop in the USB receiver.  Your operating system software will do the rest and in both Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard, there were no issues with the two-minute installation.

One of the really smart design features of the device is that it works for both left and right-handed users.  Simply slide your trigger finger through the device, much like you would do with a gun.  Your thumb works the trackball, which moves the cursor, and your trigger finger works the left-click button.  It also has two buttons for the left and right mouse clicks.  There is a mouse wheel in the middle that works wonderfully while browsing websites or looking through your computer.  You don’t have to hold it in any particular fashion and it’s very comfortable and light to handle.

When we first saw the PokerMouse Deskless website, we thought the device might just be another gimmick aimed at poker players.  However, it’s far from a gimmick.  This probably isn’t the perfect device if you are 24-tabling at PokerStars and don’t use an auto-move-mouse shortcut feature.  Nevertheless, if you play two tables of Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker or like to play four tournaments at once, it’s a fantastic device.  Plus, it’s kind of awesome to raise a pot by pushing a trigger like you are firing a gun.

Because it’s so portable and lightweight, it becomes a perfect accessory for your poker laptop.  For the MacBook Pro we tested it on, the PokerMouse Deskless quickly became the device of choice while playing poker.  It’s perfect for when you are on the couch relaxing or if you just want to kick up your feet while on your main computer.

Although the price tag might be a little high for a mouse device, the PokerMouse Deskless is intelligently designed and works well.  If you find yourself looking for a unique mouse that will help the wrist pain or just allow you to relax while playing, you’ll definitely want to look into this neat little item.


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