News on the Apple AirPort Extreme


Everyone and their mothers these days has a WiFi network setup in their home or business and the Apple AirPort has been one of the most popular wireless routers on the market.  Apple released the AirPort Extreme recently and major publications from around the world are hailing it as a fantastic WiFi solution. gave the product a 4.5 out of 5 and said that it brings a ton of speed and features along with a reasonable price.  The hot new features included expanded range and support via the Draft 802.11n band signal as well as a new “guest network” component that allows one-time passwords to be created and given to people visiting your location with your authority.  The retail price of the new Apple AirPort Extreme is $179.

Second Beta Build of the iPhone 3.0 Operating System Released

With the big hoopla over the announcement of the iPhone 3.0 software behind us, developers received the second installment of the software to allow them to build and update their applications. Rumors reported by say that Apple has knocked out quite a few bugs from the first beta build.  Apparently, this version brings improved speed and stability as well as new settings for the Preferences section.  Also, the number of home screens has been increased from nine to 11.

More New iPhone Rumors

Rumors continue to tell us that a 32GB high-end iPhone is in the works along with a “Low-End Version” slated for a June release.  Apple has made no announcements regarding production of a new generation of iPhone.


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