Party Poker Monthly Million Returns May 3rd


Popular online poker site PartyPoker will hold its third Monthly Million tournament this coming Sunday, May 3rd.  The site has a $1 million guaranteed prize pool for the $640 buy-in tournament that features a Championship blind structure.  The tournament was announced amid speculation that a much-needed boost to PartyPoker’s traffic would come from the big money contest.  Players have more than dozen different ways to satellite into the Party Poker Monthly Million and can literally turn $1 into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recently, Party Poker announced that Mac users could play at the popular poker room through a web-based Java client that does not require a download.

The first, and cheapest, way to satellite into the Monthly Million is to play the “Monthly Million Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy,” which starts at just $1 with the same amount for rebuys.  This tournament is held daily throughout the month.  Also available is an $8 daily “Monthly Million Sub Qualifier Speed” tournament.  If one gets through the field of either of these two tournaments, they are entered into the “Monthly Million Qualifier,” which runs daily and guarantees 19 seats for each tournament.  Alternatively, players can bypass the sub qualifier tournaments and buy into this qualifier via a $70 entry fee.  The winners of this qualifier tournament are entered directly into the Monthly Million.

Another way to get in is to play the “Mega Friday Satellite Qualifier Speed Rebuy” for $2, which runs daily.  Alternatively, players can enter into the “Mega Friday Satellite Qualifier Speed” tournament for $6, also running daily.  Winners from those tournaments are entered into the “Mega Friday Satellite,” which guarantees 20 seats into the Monthly Million and runs every Friday at 17:00 ET.  Players can directly buy into this satellite tournament for $55.

Weekend players can get in on the qualifying action by heading to the “Super Satellite Saturday Qualifier Speed Rebuy” for $1, running daily.  Also running is the “Super Satellite Saturday Qualifier Speed” for $4, which takes place on Saturday mornings.  Winners from either of these two tournaments are entered into the “Super Satellite Saturday” that runs twice on the weekend day and guarantees a total of 18 seats between the two events.  Players can also buy into the event by paying the $35 fee.

Players with a healthier bankroll can qualify by playing in the $44 daily “Monthly Million Sub Qualifier Extra Speed,” which gains entry into the “Monthly Million Qualifier Extra” that runs daily at 14:35 ET.  One in four players in that tournament wins a ticket to the Monthly Million.  Players can even directly buy into this qualifier for a $172 fee.

For those of you who don’t have a bankroll, have no fear because there’s even a way to get into the Monthly Million for free.  Daily “Country Specific Freerolls,” where players in the top 10 qualify into the “Monthly Million Special,” run on Friday at 15:30 ET with 20 seats guaranteed.  Also, players coughing up 10 PartyPoints or 25 PartyPoints can gain access to qualifiers for the Monthly Million Special.  Players must meet qualifying conditions in order to participate in the tournament.

Much was made of the announcement that this tournament would be played with a “Championship Blind Structure,” which almost follows a WSOP-style starting stack and structure.  Players start with $20,000 in tournament chips for the tournaments (identical to last year’s WSOP Main Event) and blinds go up every 20 minutes (the WSOP Main Event goes up every 120 minutes, but you see fewer hands per hour in a live game).  The blinds start at 25-50 and progress to 50-100, 100-200, 150-300, and 200-400 before antes are seen.  At the 250-500 level, antes start at 25. The levels progress to 300-600 (50), 400-800 (75), 600-1,200 (100), and so on until the end of the tournament.  Players are given a five minute break after every three levels (once per hour).

Even though there are a only few days left before this lucrative tournament, there are plenty of opportunities for Mac poker players to qualify.  Now that the site has an Insta-Play Lite version that is compatible with your web browser, hopefully it’s a Mac user that takes down the $1 million prize pool tournament. Visit our PartyPoker review.


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