Playing Real Money Poker on your iPhone or iPad


Most people who have an iPhone or iPad and play online poker have been clamoring for real money applications. Is it possible to play real money poker on your iPhone or iPad?  Absolutely!

The first step is to install Team Viewer on your main machine. This program works for both Mac and Windows, so no matter what platform you are on, you’ll be fine. Installing Team Viewer is easy – just head to the site and download the free full version.  Yes, that’s right, it’s 100% free to use forever and ever.

This program allows you to connect to other people’s computers and watch their systems or control them. The theory is that we are going to set up a Team Viewer connection via your iPhone and play poker through it. Some of you might scoff and say there’s going to be terrible lag, but even if you are in a half decent area with 3G speeds, you will be impressed with how well it performs.

Now that you have Team Viewer up and running, you’ll need to check the settings. There are two tabs – “Remote Control” and “Presentation”. Be sure to write down the “Remote Control” settings for “Your ID” and “Password” because you will be entering these into your mobile device.  From there, go to the top navigation and pick “Extras” and then “Options.”  From here, pick your computer’s name.

You probably won’t need to change anything else, so move over to “Security”. From here, you can choose the rules and at the bottom, you’ll see “Access Control,” which you can leave at “Full Access”. Now, be warned, if your ID and password were made public, someone could easily get in and access your computer and everything in it.

From here, it’s time to move over to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  Go to the App Store and download the Team Viewer application, which, once again, is free. Once it installs, bring it up and enter your computer’s Team Viewer ID and password; then, press the “Connect to Partner” button. The program will resolve and a connection will be made.  Suddenly, your iPhone screen will actually be the screen of your computer. Turn your iPhone to the landscape side to get a better view and suddenly your finger acts as the mouse and a tap acts as a mouse click.

At this point, it’s time to boot up your favorite poker programs. You can then load up your favorite online poker site, sit down, and start playing. It’s literally that easy and if you have any computer experience and confidence at all, this entire process might take 10 minutes total.

Using this method, you can play real money poker from your mobile device wherever you go. Remember that this does require you to have a connection, which is secure, open on your computer. Other than that, you should have a lot of fun experimenting with this and actually playing some hands on the go.


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