Poker After Dark $150,000 Cash Game Kicks Off on NBC


This week, the $150,000 Cash Game kicked off on “Poker After Dark,” which airs late night at 2:05am on NBC. New episodes of the $150,000 Cash Game will air nightly this week and next week, so you have plenty of chances to catch all of the excitement. Nearly $1 million was spread across the table at the onset. The blinds remained constant at $300/$600 with a $500 ante paid out of the big blind.

Eli Elezra and David “Viffer” Peat tangled from the onset. The former won the first three pots against Peat until “Viffer” finally broke through. In the first pot between the two rivals, Elezra called a $3,600 pre-flop raise from Peat with K-7. Peat held K-3 of clubs and flopped a flush draw on a 6-4-J two-club board. Elezra, who had air, check-called a bet of $5,000 and the turn was an offsuit three. Elezra bet $15,000 and Peat, holding a pair and a flush draw, called to see a blank hit on the river. Elezra fired out a pot-sized bet of $47,000 and Peat got out of the way.

Olivier Busquet, a past winner of the World Poker Tour’s Borgata Poker Open, picked up pocket tens and raised to $3,000 before the flop. Elezra came along with J-9 and Peat also called with 10-4. The flop came 10-A-A, giving Busquet a full house, and he led out for $6,000. Elezra folded and Peat, holding aces-up, called. The turn was a three and Busquet continued firing, this time $16,000. Peat called and the river was a seven. Both players slowed down and checked, shipping the $53,000 pot to the New Yorker.

In the largest pot of Monday’s kickoff episode, Peat bet $15,000 on a flop of A-10-9 holding Q-J of diamonds for an open-ended straight draw. Elezra called with A-8 of diamonds for top pair and the turn brought two diamonds to the board, giving each player a flush draw.

The fireworks went off, as Elezra check-raised all-in to create a massive $216,000 pot. Peat was exasperated to see what Elezra held when the cards were tabled, as he was quickly down to just six outs. The river was run twice. A diamond came to fill Elezra’s nut flush on the first board and he scooped $108,000. However, salvation came for Peat on the second river card when an eight hit to give him a straight.

In the last major pot of the night, Elezra raised to $1,700 pre-flop with Q-J of clubs and Peat called with Q-8 of hearts. Full Tilt Poker front man Howard Lederer came along with K-10 and the flop came K-3-J with two hearts. Peat, holding a flush draw, bet $4,000 and Lederer, armed with top pair, raised it up to $12,000. Elezra folded and Peat called, bringing a six of hearts on the turn. Peat, who had just made his flush, bet $22,000 and Lederer wisely folded.

Phil Laak and Greg “FBT” Mueller were also part of Monday night’s episode, but were relatively quiet. Ali Nejad provides commentary for the NBC poker series, while Leeann Tweeden conducts interviews from the “Poker After Dark” suite at Aria in Las Vegas.

Catch “Poker After Dark” nightly at 2:05am ET.


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