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Evelyn Ng is another extremely famous female poker player who was around when the poker boom of 2003 hit. She was already a great poker player and has been seen on very many poker television shows as a player. Her wit and intelligence always shine through on the tables, both in her play as well as in her banter.

Evelyn NG was born in September of 1975, in Toronto, Canada. She moved to Las Vegas to pursue a professional poker career and never looked back, still living there to this day. She first gained fame and recognition in the poker industry when she finished 2nd in the WPT Ladies’ Event I in 2003, right at the cusp of the poker boom. Being instantly thrown into all sorts of poker shows during prime time television really skyrocketed her personal brand and solidifying her as one of the most sough after female poker players.

Evelyn has made her rounds with various sponsors over the years, first signing a big deal with PokerStars to join their “Team PokerStars”. After a successful stint there, when her contract was over she joined the newly formed Team Bodog, where she remains to this day. Evelyn also appeared in the video game “Stacked With Daniel Negreanu”, holding close ties to the pro poker player because of their Canadian origins.

Evelyn played a very big part in 2 television shows outside of poker, one being the King of Vegas and the second being “Casino”, a UK gambling show where she was designated as the poker croupier. She also made a very talked about episode of Criss Angel: Mindfreak where he tried to use his own mind powers to trick Evelyn into choosing losing hands, even though many of the cards were face up (and some were face down). Aside from these non-poker TV appearances, you can find Evelyn on nearly every different live and filmed poker shows (tourneys and cash games) on ESPN, TSN, Sportsnet, etc., ever since 2003. She has built her brand and name up as a great player who does not make a lot of mistakes, and easily fits in as one of the guys when it comes to table banter and trash talking.

The sky is the limit when it comes to Evelyn, and there is no telling where she will end up next. Still a member of Team Bodog, Ng’s total lifetime tournament earnings clock in at $375,500.

About Evelyn Ng

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5' 11''
September 14, 1975
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