Gina Gershon


Florence_La_Badie_M.J._Moriarty_Playing_CardGina Gershon is an established actress and has starred in numerous high grossing films. She was born in Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills to a Dutch and Russian-Jewish parents. Gina Gershon got into acting at the age of seven when she was cast in a school production “Bye Bye Birdie.” Gina’s parents later moved to Beverly Hills and she attended Beverly Hills High where she starred in a student production of “The Music Man” in 1962.

After her high school graduation in 1980, Gina Gershon attended Emerson College in Boston and later transferred to the New York University. Gina Gershon’s big breakthrough in the film industry came in 1986 “Brat Pack” and Pretty in Pink in 1986. She also played parts in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Red Heat in 1988 as well as Tom Cruise’s vehicle Cocktail (1988).

Gina Gershon has gone on to feature in numerous motion pictures including “Picture Claire,” “The Insider,” “Prey for Rock and Roll,” “Pretty in Pink,” “Out for Justice,” and “Showgirls.”She has also appeared in various television shows including “Ugly Betty,” “Tripping the Rift,”, “Rescue Me,” “Spider-Man: The New Animated Series”and“Psych”.

She has confidently faced her fellow celebrities such as Andy Richter and Dean Cain in poker challenges. She has also been involved in various charitable institutions that support patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, using part of her proceeds from poker for this noble cause. Gina Gershon is an astute poker enthusiast and has been involved in numerous poker tournaments. She has appeared in the television game show “Celebrity Poker Challenge.” Her love for poker started way before she was involved in this television show. Gina Gershon had been going various casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada to play poker, prior to her participation in the challenge.

About Gina Gershon

Los Angeles, California
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Los Angeles, California
5’ 6''
135 lbs
June 10, 1962
Bra Size
36 C
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