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Jayde Nicole is a celebrity poker player who was born on February 19, 1986. She first gained fame by doubling up as Playboy Playmate of the month in January 2008, followed subsequently by Playmate of the Year in June of 2009. She is one of the more notable and famous female poker players, as well as one of the more instantly recognizable Canadians on the circuit. Jayde has received numerous TV poker appearances.

Jayde was always into modelling even as a kid, and semi-retired by the time she was 11. When she was only 15 she was spotted outside of the Air Canada Center in Toronto, being offered a modelling job on the spot. She did that for a while but didn’t stop there, she now owns and operates her own modelling agency in the Greater Toronto Area.

Jayde’s fame continued to rise with multiple appearances on “The Hills” due to the fact that she was Brody Jenner’s girlfriend. In fact, it was Brody who introduced her to the game of poker, which she shortly after fell in love with. She got an offer from All-In Magazine giving her the opportunity to train with a different poker pro every week, which she gladly accepted. Following that networking and skill building opportunity, she also participated in many poker television shows appearing worldwide in both table game shows and live tournaments.

Most recently, Jayde Nicole has signed on with Pokerstars.net and has committed to playing a minimum of 3 tournaments a week there, offering fans of hers an opportunity to find her at their tables and have a chat. With personal instruction and lesson from greats such as Jamie Gold and Daniel Negreanu, Jayde continues to build her poker skill and acumen. After fighting off typical “air-head” stereotypes that came with her Playmate gig, Jayde is starting to gain the respect of the poker world through her intelligence as well.

About Jayde Nicole

Toronto, Canada
Home Town
Scarborough, Ontario
5' 9''
117 lbs
February 19, 1986
Bra Size
34 D
Shoe Size
Size 9