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Jennifer Tilly is arguably the most famous female poker player in the world. Unlike many of the other poker babes on our list, Tilly has risen to the occasion through her poker play alone. Jennifer Tilly was romantically linked to Phil Laak for quite some time. She was born on September 16th, 1958 and is a professional actress, getting nominated for an academy award. She is also a winner of the WSOP Ladies Event.

In June of 2005, Tilly won her very first World Series of Poker bracelet in the Ladies event, beating out a field of over 600 players. She then went on to win the WPT Ladies Invitational. Both of those events padded her pockets nicely, with the WSOP event scoring her $158, 625. Jennifer has appeared on countless poker TV shows and is well known as the most famous female poker player due to this fact. Her busty outfits and incredible looks after 50 add to her allure and legend, no doubt about it. She keeps it sexy yet classy, something a lot of poker players love to see.

She says that the whole reason she ever wore busty tops in the first place is to distract the less serious players, and one can only assume that it has been working. She said it doesn’t work on the pros at all though, because to them the only pair they want to see is a pair of aces, not your pair. Tilly was featured in the 2007 video game edition of the World Series of Poker alongside her long time boyfriend Phil Laak (also a pro poker player, the Unibomber).

She was famously quoted as saying “finding validation in poker is like trying to find a virgin in a whorehouse”. This was right after her announcement that she was retiring from the game for good to pursue more of an acting career. This was in stark contrast to her usual views of making poker her main thing and shoving acting to the side.

Tilly’s break from poker didn’t last very long, however, as many poker players who have tried to quit have come to terms with. She started playing again in January 2010. In July of 2012 her total tournament winnings were in excess of $590,000, once again solidifying her as not only one of the most famous female poker players ever, but one of the best.

About Jennifer Tilly

Harbor City, Los Angeles
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Harbor City, Los Angeles
5' 7''
135 lbs
September 16, 1958
Bra Size
34 C
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Size 9