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Tiffany Michelle has historically been one of the most talked about and controversial female poker names in the industry. Tiffany is an American poker host, player, and actress who appeared on the 15th season of “The Amazing Race”, which won an Emmy award. As if she needed the extra push of fame, Tiffany was already well known in the industry as a former interviewer working at PokerStars.

Michelle was a classic trained actress and first made waves in the poker world in 2008. She finished 17th out of over 6500 entrants, being the best place finish for a female at the WSOP in the tournament’s history. Her effort earned her a total of $334,534 for 17th, which was also the highest amount won at the time by any female poker player in history. Needless to say, the achievement threw her into the spotlight pretty darn quickly. It’s pretty amazing to think that a 17th place could get you that kind of publicity, but the fact that no other woman had ever ventured that far in the tourney turned a ton of heads, and for good reason.

You should keep an eye out for Michelle in the world’s biggest poker tournaments as she is always there in some fashion or another. These days, it is usually as a player. In 2010 she was named among the top 20 hottest poker players landing her amongst huge names such as Cameron Diaz. She also made the same list in 2012, landing in the top 16 hottest poker players by Maxim. Tiffany is one of the only poker hosts that has crossed over into mainstream media, appearing on a slew of reality TV shows and series. For instance, she has been a star on the Amazing Race, been on LA Ink, America’s Worst Chef, the World Series of Blackjack and many, many more.

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