Trishelle Cannatella



Trishelle Cannatella was born on November the 4th, 1979 in Cut Off, Louisiana, USA. It’s a far way from Las Vegas both culturally and in distance, but that didn’t stop the vivacious Trishelle from making a name for herself in the poker industry. Originally from Louisiana, Trishelle boasts a French and Italian heritage which she is very proud of. She was a Baptist growing up and is a self described girl next door and mama’s girl, typical of ladies from that geographic region. Her very religious mom took them to church 4 times a week, adding to the coolness factor that she eventually ended up in the poker world.

Being a fierce competitor since she was a kid, Cannatella played many different sports in high school She attended the University of Southern Mississippi but never did finish her major.

Cannatella made waves in the entertainment world when she first applied for the show called Lost. Her sole intention was to win the $50,000 first prize, as she was in desperate need of cash to pay back her lingering student loans. She was not chosen for the show but instead she was invited to the Real World: Las Vegas. She accepted although nervously, because she felt that from the second she met the producers she was being typecasted as a homophobic and racist Southern girl. All the cast got jobs in the casinos and nightclubs of Las Vegas, and the producers asked her leading questions that made her out to look like a party girl (Cannatella was truly angry about this fact). She also said that alcohol was readily available to the entire cast which posed a problem for her, due to the fact that alcoholism ran in her family.

Cannatella is a popular name in Vegas and poker scene, mostly stemming from her good looks and popularity in Real Life : Las Vegas. Keep an eye out for her to make more appearances in the gambling scene.

About Trishelle Cannatella

Los Angeles, California
Home Town
Cut Off, Louisiana
5' 9''
118 lbs
November 4, 1979
Bra Size
Shoe Size
Size 9