Victoria Coren


Victoria Coren

Lets look at Victoria Coren, aka “Teacup,” a growing name in the poker industry. She is an avid professional poker player, a writer and host/presenter. Victoria was born on August 18th, 1972 and has been around the poker scene for a very long time. She is the current host of the UK show “Only Connect” and is a weekly journalist writer for both “The Observer” as well as “The Guardian”.

Besides being an acclaimed writer and presenter, Victoria Coren also has a fairly illustrious poker career. She was the first ever woman to win a European Poker Tour event. Victoria also was the first ever person to win both a professional televised tournament in London at the EPT, as well as a celebrity televised event. She won the Celebrity Poker Club 2005 live on TV.

You can find Coren playing cash games at the Victoria Casino in London where her favorite game is Limit and NL Holdem. You may have recognized her as a poker host rather than player, as she has done Late Night Poker, The Poker Nations Cup, World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. On top of that, she has also hosted Grosvernor UK Poker Tour, UP Challenge and the Will Hill Poker Grand Prix. Clearly due to her insane poker knowledge and prowess, she is a much sought after host for any poker show.

On Sept 24th, 2006, Victoria made history by winning the EPT London main event, becoming the first women in history to ever do so. That feat earned her 500,000 British Pounds, near a million dollars in US dollars. Shortly after her win, Victoria was signed on to be a member of Team Pokerstars Pro, something she is still doing to this day. Victoria is a true poker player, admitting to staying up till 6am on most nights, drinking, smoking and gambling. Sounds pretty familiar, eh fellas? She has always taken pride in the fact that not only can she “hang” with the boys, but she can defeat them almost at will, especially when she faces amateurs at the casino in Victoria. While her total tournament winnings are around $1.2 million, you can be sure that the number is a lot bigger from all her cash money wins in the various London poker rooms and casinos.

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