Poker Income Pro for iPhone Makes Bankroll Management Easy


With the release of the new iPhone 3G S that sports the latest and greatest processing and memory power from Apple along with up to 32GB of storage, new applications are coming to the iTunes App Store that feed our hunger for poker.  Many applications out there are rather mundane poker simulators where you get to play some terrible A.I. opponents in a game of No Limit Hold’em, but real poker players want applications that help us when we’re actually playing for real money.  Enter Poker Income Pro, an application developed by a single programmer that allows a player to track their progress in a simple database and reporting program, all from the convenience of their iPhone.

Poker Income Pro is available from the iTunes App Store for $12.99 and has a bevy of features for poker players.  The general idea of the program is that it’s a mobile database to track wins and losses and even keep notes on players.  Features of Poker Income Pro include:

– Track opponents’ styles and tells via a note taking section
– Track aspects of your cash and tournament play including game format, stakes, locations, duration, and results
– Timer for live games to track hours, break times, and rebuys
– Export data to an Excel spreadsheet
– Convenient bankroll management
– Track any type of game

The first thing a user will do is go into the “Setup” screen.  Inside, there are four main areas: Game, Bankroll, Export, and E-mail.  The “Game” area allows you to enter in what you play (Hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack, etc.), the location, location type, cash game limits, tournament buy-in, and tournament type.  The “Bankroll” area lets you set your starting bankroll and account for things like withdrawals.

The program tracks your progress as you enter in details for cash games or tournaments.  When you click on the “Cash” button, you are taken to an overview area that shows the total amount you’ve won, dollars per hour, number of hours, dollars per session, and times you’ve cashed positively.  Below that are stats per casino, a list of all of the games you’ve played, and a way to see stats based on the day of the week.

The same stats in the “Cash” section are available in the “Tourney” section so you can track your progress as you play in tournaments at casinos, home games, or online. The “Players” button is a really great tool that allows you to enter in a player and then rank their “Loose vs Tight” and “Passive vs Aggressive” ratings as well as make notes.

Overall, Poker Income Pro for the iPhone is a handy application, but a little overpriced at $12.99 in comparison to similar programs.  It has some features that go beyond what others do, such as player notes and the ability to export data to a spreadsheet, but doesn’t have other features like graphing.  If you are looking for a handy iPhone App to help you keep tabs on your poker playing wherever it might be, take a look at Poker Income Pro at the iTunes App Store.


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