All about Online Poker Pro 1bigacehole

1bigacehole poker player1bigacehole is a poker pro originally from Pennsylvania, who now plays high stakes games in Montreal, Canada. He has been playing poker for almost a decade and is among the most reputed names in the online poker industry.

Where is 1bigacehole now?

The player moved to Canada after the Black Friday incident, as he was in shock and felt Canada was the most convenient option because he already had a friend who lived there. He previously enjoyed a stable live in the United States and was even pretty close to settling down there. 1bigacehole was very accustomed to the life of playing poker and decided that he needed to move somewhere that allowed online poker legally.

The transition of moving was smooth, as the player had a group of good friends who were also relocating. On being asked, 1bigacehole stated that he wouldn’t even move if not for his friends. Once he moved, he instantly fell in love with Montreal.

Poker and 1bigacehole

1bigacehole’s real name is T.J. Ulmer, and he started his career in poker in 2003 to make money and pay off his car insurance while in school. He loved that he could earn about $200 every week by playing the game, although he planned to get an actual job after school. He met some poker pros in college, who helped better his game immensely.

The pro gave his friends credit for his successful poker career and said, if not for them, he wouldn’t even be playing the game. Ulmer stated that he respects players who are able to segregate their personal lives from poker as he personally feels it is a very important thing to do and finds it very hard himself.

Although he has been ranked highly as an online poker player, 1bigacehole said it is more important to improve his game constantly and make money at the same time. Till date, 1bigacehole has won $439,575 in poker winnings and two titles in his poker career. The player has participated in a number of online tournaments in the past and continues to do so.

1bigacehole is currently playing a lot at In the past, the player had also been a part of Full Tilt Poker, where he played as darkhorse19. He plays both live and online tournaments. One of the player’s most recent massive winnings were $67,000 at the Sunday $100 Rebuy held by PokerStars. The final table had 18 players, making it quite challenging.

After the Black Friday incident, 1bigacehole feels the chances to score big have become few and far between, which made winning the large cash amount extra-exciting. He feels the number of inexperienced players in the field has increased largely because of the changed start time. He observes that, sadly, several of the best tournament regulations have moved and the field is much softer than it was prior to the whole Black Friday incident.

On being asked about moving back to the United States in case online poker is legalized intrastate, he said that the thought doesn’t really come to his mind as he plans to stay in Montreal for a while now. He added that intrastate poker online is not profitable enough for professional players to move back to the States. Ulmer said further that the number of tournaments and players are not yet sufficient to make the game a lucrative one.