Cal42688 – Going from Strength to Strength

poker player online, Calvin Anderson, Cal42688Online poker has attracted unprecedented attention in the recent years. The allure of winning big money while playing an enjoyable sport is an idea that would appeal to everyone, but there only a few who can excel at it. One of the players ruling the roost in the poker world is Calvin Anderson or Cal42688

Cal42688’s playing style

By his own admission, Cal42688 is an ambitious player who likes to take part in every tournament where holds the possibility of a rewarding win. Unlike many other players he doesn’t have a favorite tournament and admits that he enjoys playing any game regardless of the stakes.

But if you look at Cal42688’s playing style very carefully you would observe that he loves playing mixed games with high stakes. As a matter of fact he is a brilliant player of the 2-7 skills games. Looking at his talent many poker analysts have crowned him as the best 2-7 player on the online gaming circuit as well.

His highest online game score

Even though Cal42688 started playing poker in 2007 he had his first major breakthrough only in 2012. As a matter of fact, his highest score in 2010 continues to be his best score till date. He made this score in the 2010 PokerStars SCOOP, a two day tournament. He earned $86,200 for this tournament. Later on in the same year he was placed 2nd in the Full Tilt Poker $200k.

This was also the year in which cal42688 made his debut performance and was placed among the top 100 poker players then and two years later he has dominated the rankings with his number 1 position.

The leader at the poker table

In 2012 Cal42688 impressed at many games, and at present he is leading the online poker player ratings.

In the month of August he played a lot of impressive games, beginning with a $215 buy in at the Sunday 2nd Chance on PokerStars. He won a total of $45,014.08 at this tournament and came in first. Later on in the month he participated in the Sunday Warm-Up on PokerStars. He was placed 1st at this tournament as well and won a grand total $83,835.02. He won both these games in a week’s time, leading him closer to his much deserved number one spot.

Live poker and online earnings

Taking into consideration all his online games Cal42688 has an average cash rate of $1,284.98 over 2559 cashes. He raked a lot of dollars in 2011 by recording his largest cash score of 303,950. 56 in a Full Tilt Poker event which guaranteed a prize pool of $1,500,000.

At present he has an impressive total win of $3,288,408.45. He is a frequent player at the Full Tilt and PokerStars poker rooms. But he has made most of his money in the PokerStars room – a record amount of $2,553,672.99! His live poker earnings stand at $228,048.

Even though Cal42688 is a known name in the online poker world only a few people know about his personal life. Calvin is mostly found talking about his professional achievements but seldom mentions anything about his life outside the poker rooms.

Cal42688’s recent activities

The player’s been actively participating in PokerStars tourneys. One of his better performances in October 2012 has been at the PokerStars’ NL Hold’em Turbo second chance event guaranteeing $25K. He finished second and took home $6,018.

The poker player is active on twitter, with 1,329 followers and counting. He shares statistics and comments freely on the site.