poker player Griffin “Flush Entity” BengerGriffin “Flush Entity” Benger is a Canadian born poker professional, who ranks among the top 10 online poker players. As of November 1, 2012, he was at the number 7 slot at, after Hixx, ch0ppy and Naza114. Flush Entity is based in Toronto and has played over 2717 games online. His average is $ 1,337.84 and the highest cash win so far is $ 112,964, which was in May 2011.

His total online poker earnings amount to $3,634,911.72. That is an impressive figure, considering that he had been active in professional poker for just 5 years. Benger is a student and enjoys a number of other activities like video games, sports, movies and TV shows besides poker. As a professional gamer in the past, Flush Entity played a lot of Counter Strike.

Online Poker Tournament Wins and Records

Griffin Benger is an active poker player on several online poker rooms including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, 888 Poker, Ladbrokes and Betfair. He mostly uses the screen name Flush Entity or Flush_Entity on all sites, except on 888 Poker where he is Mad_Martigan and Betfair where he is grifsdik.

Flush Entity was first noticed in the year 2011, when he emerged victorious and took home a cash prize of $40,800 in the Absolute Poker $150k guaranteed event. Soon after, he came second in the PokerStars $100 Re-buy event and won $31,500. But his highest cash win came in May 2011, when he finished second in the $750,000 guaranteed event at Full Tilt Poker and won a cash prize of $112,964. His second highest cash prize was $95,850 for coming third in the PokerStars WCOOP Event # 53, the $530 buy-in plus Re-buy NLH event that guaranteed $600,000.

Besides these, most of Benger’s other top 10 cash wins ranged between 23,000 and 40,000 dollars. He also participated in professional online poker tourneys like the SCOOP, which is hosted by PokerStars. In May 2012, Flush Entity participated in the $10,300 NLH Main Event, but failed to perform well. He ended up at the 26th place and took home a meager $ 31,020.00 of the $5,170,000 prize pool.

Live Poker Record

Griffin Benger’s live poker record is not so bad, when compared to that of a few other online poker professionals. His overall live poker earnings exceed $128,900, which is more than the live poker earnings of Hixx, which stand at a little more than 36,000. The live poker tourneys he participated in include –

 Deep Stack Extravaganza III, in Las Vegas, in May 2011 – he ranked 2nd in the event
 2nd WSOP in 2011, Las Vegas – he ended at the 255th place
 The EPT Main Event in April 2012, at Monte Carlo – he ended at 43rd place
 In 2012, Benger took part in 2 WSOP events – the $2,500 NLH 4-handed event (14th place) and $10k World Championship NLH event (304th place)

Flush Entity’s Recent Activity

The professional online poker player has been busy building his earnings, soon after he was out of the WSOP Main Event. He has been actively involved in a number of tournaments on PokerStars, Betfair, Ladbrokes and Titan Poker. In October, he had less than 10-15 cash wins of above a couple of thousands, the highest of them being $ 21,150, for the 50k guaranteed event on PokerStars. After that, his biggest win was on October 23, when he managed to bag a cash prize of $ 9,186.67, at an Ongame network tournament on Betfair. Flush Entity also won the Ladbrokes €12,500 guaranteed Rebuy event to take home a cash prize of $5,151 on October 24, and a cash prize of $ 8,919.62 after winning the Bigger $55 on October 28, 2012.

Quote, Unquote

“It’s nice to get attention for my poker accomplishments rather than my Counter-Strike ones”.

“CS is a lot like poker in that sense. You need to constantly be improving and adjusting because there’s always someone out there who is working harder than you are.”