Hixx – Watch Out for Him This Year

professional-online-poker-playerA native of Vancouver, Canada, Kenny Hicks or Hixx as he is commonly known, is a regular at the online poker tables. The professional online poker pro spends a lot of his time and money at poker room such as the Full Tilt, Bodog and Ultimate Bet. Ranked among the ten best online poker pros, Hixx has earned a total of $4,117,803.36 during his online poker career, spanning more than 5 years.

Participating in an online poker tournament with Hixx guarantees action, thanks to the aggressive and loose play he is known for. Hixx also plays at PokerStars with the screen name Lonehixx.

Online Poker Wins and Records

Hixx started playing professional online poker in 2006, but was first noticed in the year 2008 when he bagged the PokerStars Second Sunday Chance event. He cashed in an amount of $50,000 at the event, just a few days after winning a cash prize of $18,000 in the same tournament. His biggest win was in August 2012, when he took home cash amounting to 135,958.35 by winning the $55 buy-in Red Soade open at PokerStars.com. This was more than the $85,500 he earned by winning the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl back in 2009.

Through 2009 and 2010, Hixx was rather impressive at online poker tables. Early in 2010, he won the Super Tuesday Tournament and earned over $82,000 in cash. The next highest was a successful NLH table finish at Full Tilt Poker in 2009, when the cash prize amounted to $ 69,450.

Hixx also took part in PokerStars WCOOP in 2011, and finished at the 10th place, to take home a cash prize of $ 53,691. His stint in the PokerStars SCOOP events in 2009 got him much lesser in terms of cash, when he finished at the 17th place and got $21,000.

Hixx’ other online winnings ranged between a few hundreds to a couple of thousands and his average cash winnings is $ 1,738.94, for more than 2368 cashes. The lowest cash prize he won in his career was of $14.94, when he finished at the 480th place in the $25k guaranteed Big $8.80 event on PokerStars.

Live Poker Career

Most of Hixx winnings came from online poker tournaments and wins. But like most other online poker champs, Hixx also tried his hand at live poker events, such as the WSOP and the EPT. In 2011, Hixx came 87th in the EPT NLH championship, and took home $10,000 of the prize pool. In 2012, he managed to win a higher cash prize of around $26,000 when he came 30th in the NLH event of the EPT Season 8 championships at Berlin.

Recent Poker Activity

Hixx is an active player at the PokerStars online poker tables, but didn’t have any impressive records after his highest cash win in August 2012. After winning more than a 130,000 dollars, Hicks managed a few wins here and there, with cash prizes ranging between a few hundreds to a couple or more thousands. On August 26, he managed to come second in the Ongame O-37848-1 event and got a cash prize of $ 22,647.10. This was followed by another Ongame event win at Betfair on August 28, where he won event to get $ 20,581.63.

Among the wins that Hixx had in the recent past are – $ 18,313.75 at the Big $109 at PokerStars, and $ 7,965 at the $50k Turbo Mega Deepstack at 888 poker. His most recent win was a $212 cash prize on November 1, at PokerStars.com.

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On his hometown friend jalman1 – “He’s very intelligent. We bounce very difficult hands off each other.”

“I think I’m tight, but all of my poker friends call me a lagtard.”