3 Poker Strategy Tips Every Beginning Poker Player Should Know


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Poker Strategy 101: Listen to your instincts, not the attractive woman talking in your ear.

Poker Strategy Tips

Tip #1 – Folding Big Hands That Can’t Win

No one likes being in this situation. You’re holding Pocket Aces on a K-Q-3-5-10 board heads-up against the tightest player at the table, and he’s clearly not afraid of your hand because he is betting big throughout. Aces beat A-K in this situation, but nothing else other than a bluff, except maybe K-J. However, since he’s the tightest player at the table, what are the odds he’s holding K-J or a bluff? These poker strategy tips will help you answer this question.

Pocket rockets (two aces as a starting hand) are a big hand, but big hands are useless if they aren’t big enough. It’s like entering a gun fight with a knife. It’s not that a knife isn’t useful in most fights, but when opposing a fighter with a gun, it’s fairly useless. In poker, Pocket Rockets, for example, are useful most of the time. But there are times where they end up costing you money because you were too stubborn to lay your big hand down against a bigger hand. My next poker strategy tip…

Tip #2 – Always trust your instincts

Don’t you just hate those times where you’re holding a big hand deep down inside you just know you’re beat, but can’t lay it down and then see the bad news when your opponent flips over his cards? We’ve all been there one too many times. What have we all learned from those frustrating situations? We must start trusting our instincts.

Sometimes you just feel that your opponent is strong, and usually you are right. Poker is a game of discipline. If you can’t show discipline by laying down your big hands when your instincts tell you that your opponent has a monster, you’re going to lose big. If you start trusting your instincts, you’ll stop giving money away when you know you’re beat and when you know you can’t bluff your opponent off the hand.

Tip #3 – Pocket aces aren’t as strong as you think

This final poker strategy tip will save you more money than any other. Pocket aces are the nuts pre-flop. But they are beat often, as you probably know. That doesn’t mean you should stop playing Aces. Heck no you shouldn’t! But you have to be careful especially against tight players and in multi-way pots, which are frequent when playing at online poker sites. Poker players often lose more money than necessary when playing poker with pocket aces.

Never get too attached to a hand. Just because your hand is strong doesn’t mean it’s the winning hand. A pair of aces against 2-pair is as useful as holding the nut low. It’s very difficult to bluff someone off monster hands. Don’t play your own cards – play against your opponent’s cards. If you adopt this mindset, you will stop getting so attached to your big hands that aren’t going to win. You’ll save tons of money with this mindset.

Test these poker strategy tips on at on of our safe online poker sites. Don’t forget to lay down those big hands you know you aren’t going to win!


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