PokerStars SCOOP in Full Swing


The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is one of the largest tournament promotions at PokerStars.  There are a total of 38 different events that run from May 2nd to 16th with buy-ins for low, medium, and high levels.  Satellites are also running around-the-clock.  Over the course of the 2010 SCOOP, PokerStars is boasting a guaranteed prize pool of $45 million.

The action got started with Event #1, a No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed event.  The “low” tier for this tournament was only a $20+$2 buy-in and with 40,000 people entering, the prize pool exploded to over $540,000.  The top 30 places all paid four figures, with the final eight participants guaranteed $3,140.  At the end, it was “hexchen3006” from Germany winning first place and $56,998 and “ffmm67” from France taking second for $30,086.

The medium tier had a $200+$15 buy-in and a million-dollar prize pool guarantee, which ended up being smashed all the way up to $1.356 million.  The top 12 all had five-figure paydays, with American “Dantes_11” winning it all for a huge $203,493 payout.  German player “Fohle140586” took second place for a $142,443 payday and Sweden’s “Revjot” took third for $101,745.

The high tier of this tournament had a $2,000+$100 buy-in with a million-dollar guarantee, which was exceed all the way up to $1.576 million.  Five of the top six finishers hailed from the United States.  First went to “BadcardsAA,” who scored $240,026, second went to “baloo1962” for $197,924, and third went to “ArbahChamesh,” who won $202,377, which exceeded second place thanks to a final table deal.

The second event took place on the same day and was a No Limit Hold’em Two-Day Event with buy-ins of $22, $215, and $2,100.  The medium and high tiers both boasted $2 million guaranteed prize pools.  In the low event, it was five of the top six once again hailing from the United States, with “bassman122” winning it all for $44,797.  Runner-up “BelowRail” took home $34,797.

The medium tier saw an American winning, with “sethsethseth” besting the rest for $280,000 and two Canadian players taking second and third: “SixZeros” ($204,000) and “fold_em_sho7” ($144,000), respectively.  In the high event, we saw American domination, with five of the top six spots again taken by players from the United States.  First place went to “ags104,” who won a whopping $387,720, and runner-up “devinr12” won $276,358.  Russian player “roi kin23” finished in third for $206,784.

Event #3 took place on May 3rd, a No Limit Hold’em Six-Max Rebuy tournament with buy-ins of $5.50, $55, and $530.  Russian player “DJ_PissedOFF,” who banked $31,619, won the low tier.  Second place went to Thailand’s “Jundawomg,” who took in $25,000.  Thanks to a final table deal, the third and fourth place finishers, “RukiCBC” and “N1GhtFoX,” also took in $25,000.

A Canadian, “Norm427,” won the medium tier for $75,427.  Once again, with five players remaining, a deal was made, so second place finisher “Mokers,” third place finisher “jigga_wigga1,” and fifth place finisher “Norris9911” all took in $50,000.  Fourth place finisher, “Renaud,” won $58,000.

In the high buy-in tier, the million-dollar guarantee was met, with American “Comandr_Cool” winning the tournament to the tune of $183,060.  Second place went to Canadian “buck21,” who won $137,295, while Russian “e1mdopp” took third for $101,700.

There are plenty of tournaments still to come in the SCOOP series that will have big prize pools at all tiers.  The next big guarantees come on May 7th, with the No Limit Hold’em 2X Chance Turbo, which will have guarantees of $250,00, $500,000, and $750,000.  On May 9th, there is another No Limit Hold’em Two-Day event that will offer $500,000 for the low tier and $2 million prize pools for the medium and high buy-ins.  On May 14th will be the No Limit Hold’em Cubed event, which will offer tiered prize pools of $250,000 (low), $500,000 (medium), and $1 million (high).

The final event of this year’s SCOOP will take place on May 16th with the No Limit Hold’em Main Event, which will be played over two days.  The low buy-in is $109 and will have a $1 million prize pool.  The medium buy-in is $1,050 and will have a stunning prize pool of $3 million.  The high buy-in costs $10,300 and has a guarantee of an Earth-shattering $5 million, with $1 million guaranteed to go to first place.

SCOOP is found exclusively at PokerStars, which has a Mac OS X compatible downloadable client.


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