Review of Bodog Cash Games


Bodog is an online poker room that is gaining popularity in the United States as a viable and fun place to play poker.  The exciting thing about Bodog is that it supports an “Instant Play” feature that can be used on any Mac OS X enabled computer.  This option has no download and can be accessed directly from a web browser.  This version of the Bodog software allows a player to play at one cash game table.  In order to play at more than one table or in a tournament, users must download the full version of the software, which is only available for the PC.

The lobby from within the web browser is very straightforward and easy to navigate.  There are only Texas Hold’em games available in the No Limit, Pot Limit, and Fixed Limit varieties.  Players can find a game and then click on the “Join Table” button.  From there, the table pops up in a new window.

The table looks very similar to the actual Bodog software, complete with all of the buttons and sliders normally associated with the PC client edition.  The mood around the industry seems to be “love it or hate it,” with players reporting that the games run fast, but the system resources needed to run the maximum of four tables cause computers to overwork.

“I think that the Bodog software has its positives and negatives,” said Harvey, a Bodog regular who plays low-stakes No Limit Hold’em games.  “I enjoy the speed of the games, as they move very quickly, and like the fact that I can change the background colors.  The animations are pretty good too, but overall, there’s a speed factor when awarding a hand. In addition, the betting controls don’t feel as natural as what’s on other sites.”

For players who are willing to check out Bodog, they will find a variety of games both big and small.  During peak hours, players will find a regular $30-$60 Limit game going as well as $5-$10 six-handed and nine-handed games.  Other big games include two to three $5-$10 heads-up games and the same number of $3-$6 six-handed No Limit Hold’em tables.

Omaha players will find some action on Bodog, but only if they use Parallels or Boot Camp to install the PC-only edition of the downloadable software client.  Big Omaha games include a $10-$20 Pot Limit table that fluctuated between heads-up and six people sitting during peak hours.  Other games include two $2-$4 Pot Limit Omaha games across six-handed and nine-handed tables.

Beyond the big stakes games, Bodog always has regular games running across its micro- and small-stakes levels.  It is not uncommon during peak hours to see a dozen or more No Limit Hold’em tables spread across $10-max and $25-max tables in addition to six to ten $50-max tables and the same number of $100-max tables.

The games at Bodog are categorized as loose and weak for $100-max tables and below.  Since the site only allows a person to play at four tables at a single time, many of the site’s regulars play a looser style because they play in fewer games.  The player pool is fishier than most sites because many of Bodog’s sports gamblers make their way to the tables to try their hand at poker.

“Although I don’t play on Bodog regularly, from my experience there are some of the worst poker players at micro-stakes, which is certainly saying something,” said BW07507, one of the highest winning players at $0.50-$1 on PokerStars.

Bodog Poker has a juicy 100% deposit bonus up to $500 and allows players from around the world, including the United States.


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