Rush Poker Takes Industry by Storm


Full Tilt Poker was one of the first online poker sites to offer a fully compatible Mac OS X client for Apple users.  It offers tournament, sit and go, and cash game action and allows players from around the world to play for real money.  Last month, a huge update featured the introduction of a new game called Rush Poker.

The industry buzz about Rush Poker spread like wildfire as regulars and recreational players alike flocked to Full Tilt.  The game promised to be fast-paced and intense, found exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.  The new format was designed to minimize your wait time between hands and constantly keep you in the action.  Early estimates claimed that a player could get in about four to five times as many hands at a Rush Poker table than at a regular table.

When a player joins a Rush Poker “room,” they play alongside a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand.  As soon as a player folds, they are instantly moved to a new table for the next hand.  Whether you fold during your turn or hit the “Quick Fold” button before it’s time to act, you’ll be swooshed away to your next hand with a new table of opponents.

Rush Poker can be found in both the Standard View and Basic View of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby.  Within the Standard View, Rush Poker is located in the browse area at the top left corner.  There are filters in place to narrow down your Rush Poker experience.

Once you set your filters, you will find tables (you can think of them as a room) that list the name, stakes, game type, number of players, average pot, players to the flop, and average hands per hour.  The “Plrs” column will list the total number of players within that table and the max number of players per table.  For example, “155/9” would mean that the player pool for that table was 155 players playing at nine per table.

Once you enter the Rush Poker lobby, you will see a popup that explains the basics of Rush Poker.  When you are ready, press the “Join Now” button and a countdown will officially enter you into the system.  You’ll post the big blind when you first join and after that, the player at the table who has gone the longest without posting will be the big blind for that hand.  Posting the small blind and other seating positions are randomized for each hand.

When playing Rush Poker, the standard ring game rules apply and when you fold your hand, you’ll be moved to another table.  To expedite your Rush Poker experience, you can use the “Quick Fold” button at the bottom of the table.  When you Quick Fold, you’ll be taken to the next table immediately even if the action isn’t on you.  Players at the table will not know if you press the Quick Fold option.  Once you select it, however, the action cannot be undone.

When you move from table to table, the default animation used is a wooshing slide.  You can change this to a subtler transition by clicking the “Options” button at the top right corner of the table and selecting the “Misc” tab.  There, you will find “Rush Poker Animations” and can select the other radio button that says “Fade” next to the “Slide” option.

Players can play multiple Rush Poker tables if they so choose and can join the same Rush Poker game more than once.  Simply go back to the Rush Poker lobby and click the “Join Now” button again.  The system will be aware of the fact that you have two seats in the same game and will never seat you at the same table as another instance of Rush Poker.

Rush Poker is found exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.


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