Safari 4.0 Released


For many in the Mac community, the release of Safari 4.0 meant freedom from laboring through Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer for Mac.  Safari is the web browser native to the Mac operating system and recently released its newest edition, which offers some of the best performance out of a web browser that we’ve ever seen.  This is of particular interest to online poker players who use browsers and Java applications to access popular rooms like PartyPoker and Bodog.

There are over 150 features to Safari 4.0 that should have users on both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems buzzing.  The first and foremost is how blazing fast the browser performs against other engines.  According to the popular website, Safari blew away Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox builds by more than three times in JavaScript browser tests.

It’s not just Mac people on the Safari 4.0 bandwagon, with a reported 11 million downloads in the first three days of its release.  Of those 11 million, a whopping six million were from Windows users, according to Apple.  The browser is based on the open-source Webkit browser engine, includes HTML 5 support, and is the very first browser to pass the Web Standards Project’s Acid3 test for performance.

One of the hot new features in Safari 4.0 is the Top Sites starting zone that loads as many as 12 website simultaneously within a cinematic aspect window.  This makes navigating to your favorite website an exciting and efficient experience.  Other features that set apart Safari 4.0 from the rest include a VoiceOver Screen Reader in Mac OS X, full-page zoom, intelligent bookmarks, customized top sites, and tabbed browsing.

Poker players also are notorious bloggers and with the built-in RSS reader, they’ll be able to immediately feed in their favorite blogs with the use of Safari 4.  The RSS reader can scan in the latest news, information, and articles from as many blogs or websites as you’d like with a searchable article list that Safari will auto-assemble.  This built-in RSS reader is the first of its kind for a web browser.

With the robust features and blazing fast JavaScript performance, this is the ideal web browser for poker players who play via the “Instant Play” option that graces many popular poker rooms.  Safari 4 can be downloaded from the Apple website.


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