SNG Madness Underway on Full Tilt Poker


Grinders of single table tournaments, or sit and gos, have been hitting Full Tilt Poker long and hard starting on December 4th at 16:00 ET, as Sit & Go Madness resumed.  The promotion offers up more than $125,000 in cash and prizes, including entry into the coveted $50,000 Madness Freeroll.

The promotion started on Friday, December 4th and will conclude at 16:00 ET on Sunday, December 6th.  Players will be grinding their favorite sit and gos in an attempt to win leaderboard prize money as well as tickets to the Madness Raffle and entry to the Madness Freeroll.  To participate in the promotion, players will need to look for sit and gos highlighted in the lobby in green.  Buy-ins for these tournaments are broken down into four unique leaderboard groups.  The groups are:

Group A: $1 to $2 buy-ins
Group B: $5 to $11 buy-ins
Group C: $20 to $33 buy-ins
Group D: $50 to $110 buy-ins

The entire 48 hours of the promotion will be divided into 24 two-hour blocks of time.  A leaderboard will be updated for each of the four groups during every time period.  The top seven players in each group will be paid at the end of every two-hour period.

Group A: 1st ($20), 2nd ($12.50), 3rd ($7.50), 4th ($5), 5th ($2.50), 6th ($1.50), 7th ($1)
Group B: 1st ($100), 2nd ($60), 3rd ($40), 4th ($25), 5th ($12.50), 6th ($7.50), 7th ($5)
Group C: 1st ($200), 2nd ($125), 3rd ($75), 4th ($50), 5th ($25), 6th ($15), 7th ($10)
Group D: 1st ($500), 2nd ($300), 3rd ($200), 4th ($50), 5th ($60), 6th ($40), 7th ($25)

There is also an Overall Leaderboard for each group that accounts for the entire promotional period.  This leaderboard is determined by the best performance in one of the two-hour time periods.  For example, if a player in Group A earns 100 points for a specific two-hour period on Saturday and then has a 180 point two-hour block on Sunday, it’s the 180 points that will be reflected on the Overall Leaderboard.  The top two players in each group’s Overall Leaderboard will gain entry into a $5,000 Sit & Go Freeroll where the top three places are paid.  This freeroll will take place on Saturday, December 12th at 15:05 ET.

The Madness Freeroll is a chance for players to claim a big score, even if they never even won any extra leaderboard money.  Players earn entry by winning at least two sit and gos during the entire 48-hour period.  Once a player qualifies, they will be automatically registered for the freeroll, which can be found in the Tournament area of the lobby.  First place is estimated to pay $5,000.

Even if you barely participate in the promotion, but don’t care about the extra prize money or freeroll, you can still be a winner.  For every qualifying green sit and go tournament that a player simply cashes in, that player will win one raffle ticket.  There will be more than 1,000 prizes given away as part of the raffle, including:

1 Full Tilt Poker Deluxe Home Package
10 awards of $500 in tournament dollars
25 awards of $200 in tournament dollars
75 awards of $75 Satellite Tokens
100 awards of $26 Satellite Tokens
300 Full Tilt Poker T-Shirts
600 Full Tilt Poker Hats

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