South Point Casino Overlooks Nevada’s Mac Poker Players


South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa’s owner Michael Gaughan is excited about the launch of the casino’s very own intrastate online poker room this year. The online poker room,, will go down the history books as the first legal online poker room in Nevada, provided it is launched by the end of the year. The management of the hotel and casino is busy hiring online poker investigators, operators and other professionals for technical support, to ensure that the site is launched before the end of the year.

The news is indeed great for poker fans in Nevada, especially those using the Windows OS on their computers. Mac users on the other hand have nothing to cheer about. For one, the free online poker site that South Point Poker has been running for the past few months is not Mac compatible. Secondly, there is no indication or news about the casino planning to introduce a Mac friendly poker client for its real money site.

So, after the official launch of South Point Poker, PC users can start playing real money poker right away and make the most of the promos and the offers. Mac users on the other hand, will be left wondering where the Mac compatible version is.

South Point Leading the Way in Nevada and US

South Point Hotel and Casino created history by becoming the first casino to receive license for operation of an intrastate online poker room. The casino obtained permission to operate and offer online poker for the residents of Nevada. Soon after it received the first intrastate gaming license in Nevada, South Point started development of its in-house software for the poker site to avoid any delays in the launch. It also announced the launch of the free-play online poker room, as a warm up for the actual site.

The free online poker room, however, has disappointed many Mac users as it was not compatible with the operating system that a huge section of Americans prefer. Although South Point is leading the way for intrastate online gaming in Nevada, it is not among the first yet to offer Mac-friendly online poker software.

Online Poker Experience Denied to Mac Users

With the free online poker room being incompatible with Mac OS, many poker fans in Nevada State are missing out on the chance to play their favorite poker games online. This, according to many, is simply not fair as Mac users, like PC users, have been waiting to legally play real money online poker for a long time now.

And finally, when that seemed to come true with South Point getting its license, there is a lack of compatible software. So until South Point decides to introduce Mac-friendly downloadable poker client, or another casino comes up with a Mac-friendly version of online poker, Mac poker players will just have to be patient.

Mac Poker Players Miss Out on South Point’s Promotions

Not only are Mac users missing out on the online poker experience, but they are also missing out on the offers and promos that South Point Poker is running on its play-money site. The casino has announced a list of offers that members of the free online poker room can avail. These offers are being introduced to promote the new poker site, and also to give players a chance to play live poker at the South Point Casino.

One of the promos gives away a free seat to the weekly tournament that offers $10,000 in prizes. To win a free seat to the tournament, you can participate in the qualifying satellites on the free poker site. This, again, would be possible only if you are a PC user, and not a Mac user.

In addition to the free seat, the casino is also giving away cash prizes worth 100,000 every month. Players can also benefit from the tie-in promos that take place every day, so that members can also play online to win cash. If you are a PC user, you can visit the free online poker room and register with it to benefit from the promos. But if you are a Mac user, you just have to wait till South Point introduces the Mac compatible version of its software.


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