Supersonic Sit & Go’s – Make Money FAST on Carbon Poker


Supersonic Sit & Go'sTired of playing Sit & Go’s that last longer than you’d like? Then we’ve found the perfect solution – Carbon Poker’s Supersonic Sit & Go’s. These games are the fastest poker games on the Internet and they’re exciting to play. Here’s how these SNG’s work:

  1. Players can either play 4-max Supersonic Sit & Go’s or heads-up.
  2. In the 4-max games, players receive 300 starting chips and the blinds increase every two minutes.
  3. In heads-up matches players start with 1,500 chips and blinds increase every minute.
  4. These games cruise by quickly because of the small starting stacks and players do not get to use their time bank.

Carbon Poker Supersonic Sit & Go’s Are a New Way to Play Online Poker

Carbon Poker is a leading online poker site. Top poker sites have a knack for creating innovative poker games. Take, for example, the FTP jackpot SNG’s that became popular earlier this year. Since there is so much competition between the many poker sites out there, they’re always trying to outthink each other, sort of like fast-food joints are constantly trying to create the perfect burger.

Carbon Poker’s Supersonic Sit & Go’s are likely to be more profitable than the current SNG’s and you can make some big bucks by perfecting this style of poker. Many online poker players are terrible and have very little understanding of how to adjust for different games. Hyper-turbo type SNG’s are a great way to take advantage of that weakness, and is good news for quality poker players.

Most of the players in these tournaments are easy to pounce on. Sit and Go’s are profitable for quality players and they’re also a great way to learn how to play poker quickly. If you’re a beginning poker player, you’ll definitely benefit from playing in these speedy SNG’s and you should sign up to play.

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