Take 2 Returns to Full Tilt Poker


The latest cash based promotion to run on Full Tilt Poker starts up on April 3rd, “Take 2,” which rewards multi-tablers with the potential to receive $25.  The Take 2 promotion will end on April 11th.

Take 2 starts on Saturday, April 3rd and runs through April 11th, with players who play on at least two standard ring-game tables at the same time or any one Rush Poker table receiving double the Full Tilt Points (FTPs).  You can play as often as you wish during Take 2 and Full Tilt Poker will also reward you with up to $25 depending on the amount you play.

The more you play during Take 2, the more you can earn as a cash bonus.  If you earn at least five Take 2 bonus points on any of the five days during the promotion, you get $5 in cash.  If you earn five bonus points on all nine days of Take 2, you get an additional $20 for a grand total of $25.

There are a couple of different ways to earn double the FTPs during Take 2.  The first is to play two standard ring game tables at the same time.  If you do, you’ll receive double points at both tables.  For example, if you earn 100 points while playing on one table and 50 points while playing another, you would normally get 150 FTPs during the session.  During Take 2, you’d get an additional 150 points for a total of 300.

The other way to get double points is to play at any table of Rush Poker, normally the fastest poker game in the world.  If you play at a Rush Poker table and earn 75 FTPs, you will get an additional 75 points for a total of 150.

To participate in Take 2 and get the opportunity to earn double points and a cash bonus, you will have to opt into the promotion.  Once you log in, click on the red “Cashier” button inside the lobby.  Click on the “My Promotions” button and select “Take 2.”  Simply follow the instructions to sign up.  Alternatively, some players might see a pop-up when they log into Full Tilt Poker that will allow them to press either a “Take 2” or “No Thanks” button to opt into the promotion.  If you do not opt in, you will not be eligible.

FTPs can be used in the Full Tilt Poker Store, which features gifts such as plasma TVs, iPods, and custom Full Tilt Poker jerseys.  You can also use your points to enter special Full Tilt sit and gos and tournaments that award more points or entries into bigger real-money tournaments.

Players can keep track of how many bonus points and the amount of cash they’ve earned during Take 2 by going into their personal Take 2 page within the “My Promotions” area.  All bonus points will be deposited into your account within one hour of being earned.  All cash bonuses earned during Take 2 will be awarded after the promotion has finished.  Visit Full Tilt Poker for full details on Take 2.


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