Weekly News and Rumor Roundup for July 8th


This week, the rumors were slow in the world of Apple, but there were some big headlines on both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, both of which have Mac-friendly software clients.  Let’s get right down to it.

iPhone 3.1 OS Coming Soon

On the heels of the 3.0 OS released only weeks ago, Apple seeded iPhone OS 3.1 to developers for testing.  Some readers at the MacRumors forums have uncovered some very interesting new features.  They include the ability to trim video clips on the 3G S and save as a copy rather than overwriting the original file, voice control over Bluetooth, vibration from the iPhone when moving icons, improved startup/shutdown times, and new APIs that allow third party developers to access and edit videos.

New VPP Changes Coming to PokerStars

On the TwoPlusTwo forums, a PokerStars VIP Team representative announced that the VIP distribution system might be changing. The formula for VPPs awarded for all ring games may soon be five times the amount of rake.  For example, in an eight-handed game with $0.50-$1 blinds and a pot of $10, there’s a $0.50 rake.  2.5 VPPs will be awarded to the table and each of the eight players receives 0.31 VPPs.  In a heads-up game with the $0.50 rake, this would mean that the 2.5 VPPs are split between the two players so that each would get 1.25 VPPs.

The new system was widely criticized on the forums as being favorable to six-max players, while shafting full ring players who would actually see fewer VPPs while playing (some calculated it to be as much as a 10% reduction).

The same representative posted later in the week that due to the feedback, the changes wouldn’t be implemented as originally posted. Instead, a modified version of the changes will take place at “5x VPP Tables” listed in the lobby later this month.  These tables will include all heads-up games, No Limit and Pot Limit Hold’em six-max games, Pot Limit Omaha six-max games, and Omaha High-Low six-max tables.  The full ring games will continue to award VPPs as they have been.

Rumored Changes to Full Tilt Poker

FTPDoug made a post about potential changes coming to Full Tilt Poker.  The first surrounded beefed up security for accounts in the form of an RSA security token.  These devices will not be coming to Full Tilt anytime soon, unfortunately, and there’s no word on implementation of a PIN system.  Many have complained that this makes the online poker site a target for hackers and keystroke loggers to hijack accounts.

For low-stakes players, ante and “HEROS” tables will be coming soon, but there’s been no report as to when.  There has also been confirmation that a cash game filter tab is under development along with a hand replayer similar to what PokerStars and UltimateBet have in their software.  Also planned are color-coding lobby tables for active and wait lists.


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