Weekly News and Rumor Roundup for June 29th


This week, the fallout from the release of the iPhone 3G S continues in addition to the 3.0 Operating System for all iPhones.  In addition, qualification for a new live event is about to begin at Full Tilt Poker.  It’s all covered in this week’s news and rumors.

Apple’s Shares of U.S. Smartphone Ad Requests Increases

The 2009 May Mobile Metrics revealed that the iPod Touch and iPhone account for a staggering 69% of the U.S. smartphone traffic on the AdMob network.  In the same report, the company showed that 44% of iPhone ads were delivered to people running OS 3.0, showing tremendous adoption of the new operating system.

Anandtech Guesses at iPhone’s GPU Speed

Although the core elements of the iPhone have been revealed, there hasn’t been anything reported about the graphics processing unit (GPU) other than the iPhone is now just as (if not more) powerful than a Sony PSP.  Popular tech website Anandtech is guessing that the iPhone is using a 520 PowerVR SGX chip.  The Palm Pre, in contrast, uses the SGX 530 chipset.  It is also speculated that the iPhone 3G S might be using the 535 chipset, but there’s no conclusive evidence as of yet.

iPhone 3G S Blows Away the Competition in a SunSpider Benchmark Test

Medialet released the results of JavaScript benchmark tests using SunSpider on a slew of mobile devices.  The test was conducted with iPhone 3Gs using 2.2.1 and 3.0 operating systems, a new iPhone 3G S, a T-Mobile G1 with Android, and a Palm Pre with Web OS 1.0.2.  The winner?  Not so surprising that the answer was, by nearly three times, the iPhone 3G S over both the iPhone 3G with OS 3.0 and the Palm Pre.

WPT Cyprus Classic 2009 Promotion at Full Tilt Poker

Mac-friendly poker room Full Tilt Poker announced that it is sending players to the country of Cyprus for the World Poker Tour’s Cypress Classic 2009.  The live tournament takes place from September 6th through 12th and Full Tilt Poker is offering a prize package for the event estimated at $12,500. It includes the buy-in for the event, an all-inclusive eight day stay at the luxurious Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino, and $500 in spending money.  The prize pool for this tournament is expected to exceed $4 million.


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