Weekly News and Rumors for October 31st


Happy Halloween! In this edition, we’ll investigate some interesting news from Apple about its new iMacs and Multi-Touch Magic Mice.  We also have a confirmed rumor about a much-requested item in the Full Tilt Store. For more, read on!

Poor Reviews of the 27-Inch iMac

Last week, we briefly touched on the major announcement from Apple about its new line of iMacs featuring a top-level 27-inch model.  Since its release, users have been reportedly filing many bugs, including unexpected spin-downs of the hard drive and corrupted installations of Snow Leopard.  There have also been widespread reports of terrible Flash performance from websites for video playback.  Sites like Engadget have noted no official issues with their own machines, but the sheer volume of complains via the Mac forums on Apple.com should have people concerned.  To date, there has been no acknowledgement or comment from Apple.

iPhone Released in China

Apple may have designed the Apple iPhone in California, but in a way it returns home to China.  On Friday, Apple released the iPhone to China, where many of the internal parts for the device were created.  There are many challenges facing Apple with the iPhone in China, including a lack of WiFi functionality.  An early estimate is that China Unicom had committed to purchasing five million units, although that rumor was denied by a spokesperson for the carrier.

I Want That Mouse!

When the new iMacs were announced last week, the big seller was not the iMac itself, but rather the new Multi-Touch Magic Mouse that shipped with it.  Many people on the internet are reporting that they have now received shipping notices from Apple that their standalone orders of these mice are in the mail.  Apple released software updates for Snow Leopard that allows Mac users to use the entire functional range of these new devices.  If you haven’t seen these new mice in action, they are about the slickest thing going in the world of personal computing. There are no wires and no buttons.  Is it another stroke of genius for Apple?  Time will tell!

November Promotion Rumors

Whenever the major online poker sites go into quiet mode, it usually means it’s the calm before the storm.  Typically, the promotions in November are pretty good and rumors are flying about what Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars just might be up to.  There is a confirmed rumor thanks to FTPDoug, a spokesperson for Full Tilt Poker, that RSA security tokens are coming to the FTP Store next week.  These tokens represent the highest form of security for an online poker account.  The Turbo Takedown is already back at PokerStars, and PartyPoker players are expecting something huge involving their VIP program in November.  We’ll just have to wait to see just what might be announced during the first week of the month.


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