Weekly News and Rumors for September 21st


This week, we have some interesting updates from Apple as well as a major software update from Full Tilt Poker.  Also, be sure to check out the news from Bodog, which is holding twice-daily $500 freerolls.

Apple iPhone 3GS Update Causing Battery Life Problems

After the recent iPhone 3.1 software was released, many consumers started complaining via the Apple forums that the battery life from their iPhones lasted a shorter amount of time than before.  Apple is engaging these consumers directly with battery life studies to see what they can do to remedy the problem in an upcoming update to the iPhone OS.

Snow Leopard Sales are Double Leopard’s

NPD, a research firm that tracks sales for software, has been quoted as saying that Apple’s OS X Snow Leopard has been selling strong.  During the first two weeks of release, Snow Leopard has sold more than double of the number of copies that Leopard did during its first two weeks of release.  Apple is expected to sell approximately five million copies of Snow Leopard this quarter.

Full Tilt Poker Updates Software

Popular Mac-friendly poker room Full Tilt Poker updated its client for both PCs and Macs this week.  The update handles a number of significant issues including lag time logging into the site and numerous crash issues.  Many players have been reporting various issues with hole cards being dealt face down, mini-crashes at the table involving players not being able to act, and system crashes that force the entire client to close.  The recent update, as reported by FTPDoug on various forums, says that these issues should be cleared up with the recent software update.

Shortstackers Overrunning Full Tilt?

Players that buy in for the minimum 20 big blinds at cash game tables are known as shortstackers.  Many regulars consider them to be the scourge of the galaxy and they are currently overrunning the games at Full Tilt Poker.  After the recent update, the TwoPlusTwo forums were flooded with posts from regular players begging to increase the buy-in minimum at regular tables to 50 big blinds and at deep tables to 100 big blinds.  In recent months, the number of shortstackers on the second most popular online poker site has been increasing with a high degree and regulars are jumping ship in favor of sites that promote deep-stack play.  Full Tilt Poker has not made any comment regarding the suggestions of its regulars.

Bodog Anniversary Freerolls

Popular USA-friendly poker room Bodog announced that it has a 15th anniversary promotion running for poker players.  From now until October 15th, the poker site will have twice-daily freerolls that have $500 prize pools.  Bodog offers a web play option available through Mac OS X systems on Firefox or Safari.


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