Whoa Canada! Poker Game And Guns Ends In Tragedy


Canada PokerFollowing a scene that can only be described as a Canadian, modern-day, Wild Wild West poker game, a teenager is left dead. In the medium sized city of Brampton, Ontario, just minutes outside of Toronto (Canada’s largest city), a poker game went horribly wrong involving several teenagers.

In an event that proves once again why there are gambling ages in place for good reason, teens as young as 13 and 14 participated in a poker game among friends and classmates. Even though the game was set up and organized for the youths at a local banquet hall, there were no safety checks in place to make sure none of the people had weapons. The game was in an area of Brampton that has seen it’s share of weapons trouble.

At some point during the poker match two youths walked into the event garnishing guns and threatened to shoot if they were not handed all the money. One thing led to another and it began to escalate. As the feud between the 15 year old and 14 year old heated up, one drew a gun and pointed it, leaving everyone in a scurry for the doors running scared from whatever was going on.One of the event organizers, Kearn Nedd, tried to stop the whole thing from happening. Unfortunately for Mr. Nedd, he ended up in the spray of bullets and got hit. Kearn Nedd did not survive the shooting, and is now hailed as a local hero for protecting the dozens of youths that were inside at the time.

Yesterday a young man was finally arrested for the murder, with one already being in custody for accessory after the fact. One suspect in the Canadian Poker shooting is still at large, considered to be involved in the murder.

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