Win up to $10k with Bovada’s “Poker Bingo”


play at bovada now!If you’re somebody who loves poker and bingo – or just enjoys chasing huge cash prizes – then Bovada Poker has a promotion that’ll interest you. It’s called “Poker Bingo,” and the objective is to complete certain requirements on the Bovada tables in order to collect big bonuses. The top prize is worth $10,000 so this promo is definitely something that you’ll want to learn more about.

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Poker Bingo Overview

From November 5th to December 2nd, 2012, those participating in Poker Bingo need to meet certain requirements and complete weekly line combinations to receive a $50 bonus. The combinations change each week so you just need to look at the card to figure out what’s required for each prize. For example, the “Week 1” (November 5-11) card has two line combos with one going across the top and another going down the middle. Below you can see an example of this:

(1st combination across)
B = Get a Full House
I = Earn 40 Poker Points
N = Earn 50 Poker Points
G = Earn 10 Poker Points
O = Play in any real money SNG

(2nd combination down)
N = Earn 50 Poker Points
N = Earn 20 Poker Points
N = Get a flush
N = Earn 30 Poker Points
N = Get a Blackjack (Bovada Casino blackjack)

If you can complete these two lines, you’ll be $50 richer. Assuming you were able to complete the line combinations for each week, you’d earn $200 in total bonuses. But before you sign up at Bovada Poker and hit the real money tables, please note that there are some terms and conditions to keep track of.

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First off, hand-based objectives such as “Get a Full House” or “Get Two Pair” have to be completed in real money cash game hands which go to the showdown. As for the Poker Points, these are based on a running, cumulative amount. So if you were to reach the “Earn 50 Poker Points” objective, you’d have already reached the objectives for earning 10 and 40 PP. Now here’s a quick look at the four bingo card periods where different line combinations will be released:

Week 1 – November 5th-11th
Week 2 – November 12th-18th
Week 3 – November 19th-25th
Week 4 – November 26th to December 2nd

$10,000 Draw

Aside from the $50 bonuses that can be won each week through Poker Bingo, an even more exciting proposition is the $10,000 prize draw. Once this promotion is finished, there’ll be a drawing where the winner collects a massive $10,000 payout! If you want to be this person, you’ll need to get “blackouts” on the Poker Bingo cards and earn draw tickets.

A blackout simply means that you completed all 25 tasks in a week to cover your entire card. Now finishing 25 tasks might sound daunting, but keep in mind that some of the goals overlap. This is especially the case with points-based goals where you complete tasks as you get more and more points during the week. For example, when you’re chasing the “Earn 110 Poker Points” goal, you’ve already met all of the PP tasks before this.

Anybody who can get a blackout on each weekly card will have four total entries in the drawing. And seeing as how a $10,000 prize is at stake, getting four blackouts is certainly worth trying for!

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Bovada Poker Bonus

Those who are interested in the Poker Bingo promotion should sign up at Bovada through our MacPoker Link and use the “1575230-10E9E” bonus code. Doing so will net you a huge 100% up to $1,000 signup bonus!

This big reward fits nicely with all of the other promotions running at Bovada. NFL Poker Pass is definitely one of the most exciting current promos because players have an opportunity to win a $15,000 Super Bowl package that includes two tickets to Super Bowl XLVII, flight/hotel accommodations and $1,000 in spending money. As if this isn’t enough, players also have an opportunity to collect weekly $2,500 and $5,000 freeroll tickets.

Another big event that you can look forward to is the weekly $100,000 Guaranteed. This tourney takes place every Sunday at 4pm ET, and you can either enter by paying the $109 buy-in or by winning a seat through satellites. Seeing as how satellites run as low as $1, pretty much anybody can take a shot at major cash!


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